Rebecca and I hiked on a mountain for the Fun of it, and exercise was an extra benefit. Movement should be part of your everyday life, find something active to do that’s Fun in addition to your Exercise routines.

What is your Personal Trainer’s function?

A Personal Trainer helps you reach your goals by building an exercise program specifically for you.  Your trainer will assess your strengths & weaker links and build upon them to create a body that is evenly Strong and Balanced, and in turn enables you to perform at your body’s Full Potential.

Who works out with a Personal Trainer?

Anyone & Everyone can use a Trainer because Everyone has areas that they are not the best in, whether  a Beginner or a very Fit Individual.  I have worked with people of all levels and I meet my Clients where they are (physically/mentally) and build from their present Fitness Levels.

Why work out with a Personal Trainer?

Your Trainer will Educate, Inform, and Motivate you to be your Best.  You will learn how to Develop and Strengthen all parts of your body,  and learn to be Proficient and Effective in exercise to maximize the time that you spend doing it.  Exercise and Fitness will be Exciting & Interesting with lots of variety to keep you Invigorated & Fired Up!

Remember your body is as strong as the weakest link, and your trainer will find those links and strengthen them, yielding a Complete, Strong, and Balanced body for optimal performance.