Do You Find The Time?

Getting fit isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish in the this world.  We have other things to do, like:  go to work, cook dinner, get ready for work the night before, wash the dishes, take kids to their events, look over the kids homework, do the laundry, watch our favorite tv show(s), clean the bathrooms, vacuum the carpets, cut the grass, give our spouses their needed time of us…keep our sanity!

Who ever said that being an adult was easy, and there are many more responsibilities that I just couldn’t think of at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll add some that weren’t mentioned.

In the midst of all of our many “grown up” responsibilities, how do you fit time in for exercise, physical activity, and just moving your body.  Tell us below in the comment section.


Stephen King





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  1. Joe says:


    This is the great dilemma that everybody faces. What do I do with my time everyday? One the average work day, you have about four hours to yourself right? I think a good way to get moving is to train yourself to be aware of the times when you do have time to work out but you choose not to. It may be only four hours, but its

    We’ve all had those times when we are not being productive or just recovering from the workday. When I am in one of those situations it’s important to think “I choose whether I am productive right now, I can choose to exercise now.” In order to make this thought into action, I think about what is actually better for my health: sitting around anxiously, or keeping myself healthy and happy? If you can keep that thought in the back of your head, it can help keep you motivated to work out. You are the one making the choices to exercise and it will make you feel good in the end.

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