Lesson Learned – Be Careful, Your Relationship With Him (Food) May Be Toxic

Do you remember that old boyfriend who seemed so good for you and so good TO you? You know. Really felt goooood …to you. Then, later you were left in the ruins of his abuse. Your head is all messed up, you know he’s been cheating, you have been embarrassed in front of your friends, he might have even given you a black eye, a time or two (God forbid), but when he apologized, got sober or whatever the case may be, the abuse didn’t seem ALL THAT bad.

Let’s start from the beginning and review why you loved him/food anyway. Well, everybody seems to have a man/everybody eats food; He looks so good/it tastes so good; He’s comforting just like warm chicken and dumplings, ribs and potato salad (you fill in the blank); He’s available to you when you want or need him/right there in the pantry or down the way at the fast food spot; and really, when the abuse he (food) renders is slow and subtle (size 14, 16, 16-1/2) no one even notices it.

We have 2 choices when we find ourselves in a toxic relationship. We can hide it or we can get help. When your BEST girlfriend tells you that he is not good for you, in your heart of all hearts, you know she’s right. But whew…she just doesn’t know how gooood he makes you feel. Quite similar, when you eat that cake or those chips, all your troubles pass away, at least for that moment.

Months, maybe years of abuse continue, but the fallout begins to surface in your attitude, on your face and body, you’re not able to do the things that used to make you happy, in fact, where is your happy. Then, one day you look up and admit to yourself that this is not good for you. You deserve better. That toxic relationship is no longer working for you. You can no longer do what you used to do, you are breathing hard even while walking, clothes aren’t fitting and worst of all your health is failing OR maybe you’re taking time off of work because of the terrible argument last night. Uh-uh… It’s time for this to be over. Your mental and your physical are experiencing the effects of this horrible relationship with him/food…YOU’RE DONE!!

So –you get yourself together. You begin to associate with more positive
people, of a like mind. You’re practicing a healthy eating lifestyle and then..then …he calls, sounding sexier than ever. You remember the GOOOOD feeling he gave you. You remember the sensation of that cold creamy ice cream, that warm succulent ……., Oh my gracious. Ok, I’ll let him come over just once. Just …well just to see him.. OK, damn, just to feel him. Just one good binge of (crispy buffalo wings with ranch, spinach artichoke dip several drinks and brownie with fudge sauce ala mode) HIM!! Don’t act like you don’t know…don’t.

OK..I’m good. That was enough. It isn’t good for me. I know this.
The world knows this. I’m going to start back eating healthy and working out. Then what happens…the phone rings again next week, it’s him (it’s girls night out). OK we’ll talk/eat out of control, this time. Then we’ll come back to our senses. One thing leads to another. Your eye is black, your feelings are hurt, your self-esteem is bruised, your heart is broken, your weight has been gained, your clothes are tight, your blood pressure is high, you hate yourself……you’re back in that toxic relationship (with him/food).

Lesson learned: Once you have conquered the bad habit of overeating, never go back.

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