What’s The Meaning Of Life!


     This is the Blog about my life experiences. I don’t claim to have an extraordinary life or a life that is spectacular in any way or any more exciting than anyone else’s . I just need to chart the events that occur from day to day in everyday life that most of us overlook and don’t give much attention or value to.  But, it’s all of these occurrences that influence our perceptions of ourselves & our perceptions of the world around us; the triumphs, accomplishments, disappointments, failures, anticipations, interactions with others, things we observe, etc, etc..
     It sounds like a lot of mental note taking and writing right, and how do I keep up with all that one encounters in a day …I didn’t mention that I am 6 months in to starting a business. Boy, my hands are Full!
     I’ve never done a blog before, not even sure if I have ever read a blog before, and I have no idea how often to write a post, what format it should be in, how long each blog post should be, what subject matter to write about…
  Man! this is going to be an interesting journey.
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2 Responses to What’s The Meaning Of Life!

  1. steve c. says:

    That’s a nice read.

  2. Ron Hall says:

    Once again, Anthony K. has broadened my horizons!

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