Who’s Rooting For You!

     How often do we root for ourselves?  I notice how a lot of people root for teams, singers, actors, athletes, and others, but do people root for themselves ever, and is it OK to root for one ‘self?  I sometimes root for myself, especially when the odds are against me persevering, and that’s to keep me going when I want to give up.  I used to do this silently if in the presence of others, but now I do it aloud wherever & it is very liberating: to not be constrained in my excitement of myself because of the presence & perception of others.

     Because I left my job April 15th to pursue self-employment/entrepreneurship, a very challenging task, I have to root for myself very frequently now. I don’t have a safety net, guaranteed healthcare, guaranteed check every two weeks, someone giving me work to do, or anything remotely close to being in the comfort zone.  Just imagine trying to create your own two week check and doing it from scratch.  It’s an incredible learning experience, like no other, and forces one to walk thru their fears…because you look at your bank account at the end of every month-witnessing it shrink in value because you haven’t produced enough.  One definitely learns to root for the self then!

     Whether comfortable or not, I have to accost strangers & strike up conversations with the intention of engaging them in the topic of my services of Fitness Trainer, Singer/Songwriter, and Empowerment Speaker, and hopefully peak their interest.  Sometimes it’s intimidating to just say “Hello” to a stranger let alone engaging them in conversation about me, myself, and I.  I guess I could say that I am a salesman in a way, and have never thought of myself as one, but if I don’t let people know what I do, then I don’t eat.  Isn’t that something when “conversation” becomes a survive-or-die situation?

     From one of those conversations though, I met a lady that wants me to sing at her benefit event this Saturday.  I don’t directly gain monetarily from performing in this event, but I will get the opportunity to showcase one of my talents, make more networking contacts, and enjoy performing.  Hey, if I do well singing for everybody, maybe somebody will be rooting & cheering for me this Saturday! 


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