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I am in the midst of building a business, and this is an incredible learning experience in every way humanly possible.  I have to be organizing & prioritizing all the time.  I don’t have free time or time to watch TV or get bored.  There are many things to do; so many that I don’t keep up with them all.  They say that the successful people hire others to do what they’re not good at.  Well, I don’t have the revenue yet to pay someone to do the tasks that I’m not good at, so it’s a one man army for now.

From time to time folks will ask me how the business is going.  I tell them that when someone gets a job, there is someone that does the advertising & marketing, scheduling & planning, answer phones, budgeting, keep the books, organizing, strategizing, render the actual service, etc. etc.  I then let them know that right now, I am all of those people.  When I give that answer, they say “ohhhhh,”  and I don’t really have to elaborate much after that.

I like to go out & do the work & get busy, but there are other management tasks that a business needs, and sometimes go unchecked.

“Just now as I was writing this blog, I got distracted and went to sing one of my songs in the mirror.  Now before I went to sing, I was feeling slumberous but my energy jumped up for the song-practicing but when I come back to the blog writing, I’m feeling sleepy again.  It’s something how we have selective energy just like selective hearing.  If I were to go back in the bathroom & practice another song, I would get energy from somewhere, but this writing right now is arduous & I am trying with all of my might to keep going.”

Actually, I didn’t keep writing last night, I went to sleep. So, where did I leave off?  Oh!  now I remember.

Sorry everybody, but it’s the next day & my mind doesn’t want to continue where I left off, so here we go: new subject.

I am a specialist at minimal equipment exercising.  I basically use body weight most of the time.  I notice how people feel that they need something in their hands or need to get on a machine in order to exercise.  In my opinion, that is being too dependent, and when one doesn’t have access to the equipment, they don’t do anything because they can’t imagine themselves getting a great workout without the “stuff.”

So when I show people, in my fitness sessions, how much they can do with their own body weight, most of the time, they are amazed & very impressed with themselves.  They get a great workout & feel triumphant.  I walk away feeling gratified & smiling at the sky.  It’s wonderful when you enjoy doing…what you do!

Enjoy, and until the next blog.


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  1. Ron says:

    I really applaud Steve for having the guts to take the proverbial plunge and pursue a course of action that is not merely his vocation but is his avocation. Good show, Steve!

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