Tell The Truth…Are You Really Enjoying It!

People come to me because they enjoy the activities that they are going to engage in, unlike when going to some place that they have to go to because of health reasons or whatever kind of mandate that is beckoning.  They have chosen to make a change in themselves, and here is one of the first places that they have chosen to start.  I’m always gratified to be a part of someone’s path to a higher quality & happier life lived, and I mean it!

Ninety-nine percent of the people that I work with are women & most of  them have children and/or husbands.  The majority of them are between the late thirty’s to the early fifty’s.  Women are usually putting the majority of their focus on their family (children & husband), and everything important pertaining to them comes after.   So, I know that when they start a fitness program, they have made the decision to stop being the maid, the caretaker, the “you can depend on me for everything person”, and are saying enough is enough…I’m taking care of me now!

Although, some still have a lot of responsibilities though.  I can tell because they have to leave immediately after we finish our workouts to tend to some kind of tasks & obligations.  Others have their lives to themselves because afterwards, they just stroll on through with ease.  Either way, I’m glad that they are doing it and are enjoying themselves.

You (the one reading this blog) should see how much fun we have when we are out there on Fire!  I mean we’re like the Fire Department on a 911 call Motivated!  Momentum People, Momentum!  Outside at the park using minimal equipment & Getting It In!  Using body weight movements/exercises is a great thing people, because you can do it anywhere!  You don’t need much equipment if you use any equipment at all, and you don’t have to drive to the fitness center to get in Motion People!   When you use your body weight as your fitness tool, your gym is always with you, remember that.

Can’t you feel the enthusiasm in my voice through these carefully constructed sentences?  I enjoy doing what it is that I do, you got to believe me when I say that, Ha Ha.  The ladies are Motivated, they encourage each other, and they feel Triumphant when they finish!  You got to do something in life that makes you feel like a True Winner, I tell yah!  So get to it, and enjoy it to the Maximum!


Stephen King

Thanks For Listening

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