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12/10/2012  I am 209 lbs. today,  I was 212 lbs. 2 weeks ago.  My goal is to get down under 200 Lbs: 195 preferably.  I have the strength & core part together, but it is the Eating & Cardio part that I have to put more focus on!

I am writing to let you know that nobody is perfect & neither am I, being true to ourselves sets us free.  Acknowledge your Strengths & Weak Points and address them patiently, nothing happens overnight.  If you are trying to lose weight, remember that you didn’t put the weight on overnight, so don’t try to take it off overnight.  Be patient with yourself, you deserve it.   Don’t reach for unrealistic goals (30 Lbs by Summer) because when you don’t reach them, you set yourself up for deep self-disappointment & that leads to one not wanting to try again because of repeated failures.

Comfort eating is the easiest way to temporarily soothe yourself, and when I say temporary I mean “Temporary”.  The good feeling only last until a short time after you finish eating whatever it is that you are enjoying.  In my opinion, that is the reason that people keep eating after they are full: trying to make that good feeling/sensation last.  When supervisors- family-relationships-car problems-financial problems, and whatever else disappoint us in life, food always says “I’m your friend, come get me”, sound familiar.

It’s not the food that is the problem, it’s how we deal with & soothe ourselves in response to misfortunes that is important.  We have to find alternate things/activities/strategies to make us feel good: could be bike riding, writing, painting, reading, learning a new hobby or skill, something.  You get the point.  When you find yourself eating for no reason, be aware of what you are doing.  We’ll visit that subject more soon, that’s a whole story in itself.

All the while, America is steadily getting larger even though the Diet/Wellness & Fitness industry rakes in Billions $$$ annually.  It takes a lot to reverse all of the unhealthy learned habits that we have been living with all of our lives, and as I mentioned earlier, people want to take weight off overnight giving no merit to the reality that these entrenched ineffective life coping habits have to be addressed in order to have real success & to not relapse and have to start all over again.  It just feels like the Biggest Uphill battle when having to start all over each time, so make those worthwhile changes in your Attitude & Approach, in making your life Healthy & Happy, and get Real Success the next time that you go for it!

Thanks For Listening

Stephen King

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