Have You Tapped Into Your “Courage”!

I’m feeling like a million dollars. I have an Optimistic outlook on life, meaning that if I have an idea of doing something, I go & do it. I used to sit back & just contemplate, and that would lead to second guessing myself & produce inactivity. When I would do a lot of thinking instead of pursuing, I would talk myself out of it because of the fear of failing & never get started.
I wonder how many people out there talk themselves out of starting with the first step, probably 90 something percent of people do that: it’s a guest, but I think it accurate. I am still picking up my business as best as I can and enjoying it very much because of how much I am learning about “Courage”.
Courage allows anyone to do anything no matter how educated or uneducated, no matter how affluent or poor, no matter where they come from. But, where does courage come from & how do people attain that trait? I found that it comes from action! You just have to start going for what you want in life, whether big goals or small goals & stop over thinking things.
Actually, reaching for small goals in between the big goals is the most effective course, in my opinion, because one can experience the sensation of Triumph more often when accomplishing them with shorter time lapses in between them. When we only focus on goals that take a long time, one can get discouraged because of how long it takes to feel that sensation of accomplishment.
Example: I had my first paid music performance with my band this Saturday (Huge Big Deal), then on Wednesday, I performed freestyle singing with a reggae band just as a special guest for that evening, it was good.  So, I felt extraordinary triumph on Saturday, and then a smaller triumph Wednesday: keeping that feeling of accomplishment fresh in my heart & mind, and because it happens more often I am more motivated & my morale stays elevated.

Don’t get me wrong though, because before every performance, I am very nervous, and that nervousness is always there before every performance.  I hate to admit that sometimes I want to come up with some kind of excuse to not go through with it. LOL  That voice of insecurity can be debilitating sometimes, but just keep marching through and it always works out.

You get the point right! Keep going for it, and don’t get content & comfortable.  There is so much reward waiting for us in life, but we must start acting on our dreams & passions…now!

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